Report dog fouling

You could be fined or taken to court if you do not clean up after your dog.

By failing to clear up after your dog, you are guilty of a criminal offence and may be issued with a £100 fixed penalty. The offender will then have 14 days in which to pay the fine or face prosecution in Magistrates Court, where a maximum fine of £1000 can be imposed.

How to report dog fouling

If you see incidents of dog fouling report it in the area you found it:

You can use what3words to tell us the location of the dog waste. Use the map on the what3words website.

How to prevent dog fouling

You can put bagged dog waste in:

  • a litter bin
  • your own general waste bin at home

If a litter bin is too full or damaged, then let us know.

How we are tackling dog fouling

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