Your environment

Find out about nuisances, pests, dogs, climate change, emergency planning and private water supplies.


What you can do and what we can do about a statutory nuisance like a noise, smell or smoke complaint.


What to do in a flooding emergency in your area. How we can help you during and after a flood. Who you should report flooding to. How to prepare for flooding.

Pest control

Advice about how to deal with animal and insect pests.


Air quality monitoring, environmental permits, contaminated land and Radon.


Stray and lost dogs, dog fouling, dog control orders and what we do about dangerous dogs.

Emergency planning

How we plan for emergencies and helpful resources for what to do if there's flooding or a power cut.

Your community

Find out about community safety, community rights and equality and diversity.

Climate change and natural environment

Our commitment to tackling climate change and protecting and enhancing biodiversity including information on how you can get involved and sign up for our Climate Change Newsletter.

Port health

Barrow Port Health is responsible for enforcing the Public Health (Ships) Regulations 1979.