Types of graves

Find out what different grave types and sizes are available for your burial.

Lawn graves

After levelling the grave after burial, it is then grass turfed or sowed with grass seed.  Grounds staff maintain the grassed area.  Grave spaces in these areas are available for up to three full burials in Penrith Cemetery. Single depth graves are available in Alston, Appleby, Garrigill and Nenthead cemeteries.

Woodland burial grounds can be found at the following locations:

  • Alston Cemetery
  • Barrow Cemetery
  • Penrith Cemetery

Woodland graves

The aim of our woodland burial grounds is to provide a natural environment encouraging a diversity of wildlife. Headstones and memorials on the actual grave are not allowed, but often a memorial tree can be planted instead.

The semi-natural woodland and meadow created will, in time, become a permanent self-sustaining wood, kept as wild and natural as possible. Green burials also minimise the environmental impact of the burial by using biodegradable materials.

The graves are single depth only. Permanent memorials are not permitted on the graves.

Woodland burial grounds can be found at the following Westmorland and Furness locations:

  • Barrow Cemetery
  • Penrith Cemetery

Locally these other facilities offer woodland burial:

  • Dalton Woodland Burial Ground
  • Carlisle Cemetery
  • Torrisholme Cemetery

Children's graves

Smaller spaces are available for the burial of young children and babies at all our cemeteries. Most of our cemeteries offer dedicated babies and children's areas. 

Cremated remains

Cremated remains spaces are available at all our cemeteries. You can inter up to four sets of cremated remains in these graves. You may buy the Exclusive Rights to these graves and place a memorial on them. You may also inter cremated remains in an existing family grave for which you have bought the Exclusive Rights.

Contact us

If you have questions about the grave types available in your area, get in touch with your local bereavement services office.

Barrow office

Covering Barrow, Dalton and Ireleth Cemeteries, Thorncliffe Crematorium, Barrow and enquires for the Barrow area.

Phone: 01229 876542
Email: cemetery-1@westmorlandandfurness.gov.uk

Kendal office

Covering Kendal, Windermere, Bowness, Grasmere, Ulverston, Grange and Sedbergh Cemeteries and enquires for the South Lakeland area.

Phone: 01539 793554
Email: cemeteries@westmorlandandfurness.gov.uk

Penrith office

Covering Penrith, Appleby, Alston, Garrigill and Nenthead and enquires for the Eden area.

Phone: 01768 212251
Email: penrith.cemetery@westmorlandandfurness.gov.uk