Pubwatch Group adopts new constitution

Eden Pubwatch

The Chairs of Penrith, Alston, Appleby and Kirkby Stephen Pubwatch have agreed to work together as one group under a new constitution.

The Chairs adopted the newly proposed constitution following consultation with group members. They also agreed that the newly formed group would be called the Eden Pubwatch Group.

All four Pubwatch areas will continue to operate independently of each other, but under the same constitution, which will enable the groups to follow a unified decision making process.

The Eden Pubwatch Group, which is affiliated to the Carlisle Pubwatch Group, will also continue to operate under National Pubwatch guidelines.

The mission of Pubwatch is to protect businesses, staff and customers from individuals whose behaviour on a Licensed Premises falls below an acceptable standard.

The Pubwatch group acts against individuals, who are threatening, or abusive, commit acts of physical or sexual assault, use or supply controlled drugs, or commit acts of theft or damage to property whilst on Licensed Premises.

Westmorland and Furness Council’s Licensing Enforcement Officer, Steve Wilde, said: “Following the constitution and National Pubwatch guidelines, Pubwatch groups can vote to ban individuals whose behaviour has fallen below an acceptable standard, if they’ve been identified and nominated for a ban by a Licensed Premises.

“Providing a majority decision is reached by the group, an individual can then be banned from all affiliated licensed premises in the area for a period ranging from three months up to two years, for more serious offences.”

Cllr. Neil Hughes, Westmorland & Furness Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport and Environmental Services, said: “Pubwatch is a voluntary organisation set up to promote best practice on licensed premises. Through the efforts of its Licensing Team, the Council is supporting the vital work of local Pubwatch schemes, such as the Eden Pubwatch Group, in ensuring a safer and more welcoming experience in the regions pubs and licensed premises.

“I would encourage any Licensed Premises not currently affiliated to a local Pubwatch Group to contact the Licensing Team at Westmorland and Furness Council to discuss how they might join their own local scheme.”

Licensed Premises in the Eden Pubwatch Group area display the National Pub-watch sticker in their window so that premises are identifiable as belonging to the local pubwatch group.