Pay for your parking by phone

Pay By Phone is an alternative way to pay for parking by paying with your mobile phone.

How it works

You can pay for your parking by phone using a credit or debit card at eligible car parks.

Parking sessions can be extended by phone. You can also opt into getting a prompt to remind you before your parking expires. If you have paid by phone, pay and display tickets won't need to be displayed in vehicles. The Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) will be able to check registration numbers on their handheld devices.

You can also use Pay By Phone to:

  • get SMS reminders and receipts
  • email receipts
  • VAT receipts
  • countdown timer on the app
  • extend parking (within parking restrictions)
  • add multiple vehicles and cards added on to one account

Register to Pay By Phone

You can register in a number of ways.

Register online

You can register to pay for parking by phone on the Pay By Phone website.

You can watch a video on how to create an account online with Pay By Phone on their website.

Call or receive a text for instructions

You can call to get instructions. There will also be a brief registration process, so you will need a preferred credit or debit card and at least one vehicle registration to register. You can pay for the first parking session when you call.

Telephone: 03304 007 275
You can also text 'info' to 65565

You can read guidance on how to create a Pay By Phone account by phone on the Pay By Phone website.

The next time you want to pay for your parking by phone

  1. Call or text the Pay By Phone number.
  2. Enter the car park location number - this will be displayed on our website and on the pay and display machines.
  3. Enter the duration you wish to park for.

When you phone to pay, it is important that you listen to the whole message and press 1 to confirm when prompted.

If you end the call before this part of the message and do not press 1, your transaction will not be processed. This means that your car registration number will not appear as having paid on the CEOs' handheld devices.

Extend your parking session

You can extend your parking period remotely by using the method you used to pay by phone - either by phone or text.

Pay By Phone service costs

A service charge of 20 pence will be added to your normal parking fee for parking of more than £2. For less than £2 the fee is 10 pence.

Optional text reminders to tell you that your parking time is due to expire cost 20 pence each. A receipt for your parking can be sent to you by either text or email. There is a charge of 20p for the text message receipt, but the email receipt is free of charge.

Your parking costs will appear on your monthly credit or debit card statement.

You can view and print off all your parking transactions at your online account at Pay By Phone.

Car parks where you can Pay By Phone

You can find a list of eligible car parks in our car park directory.

Get support

If you need help using the app, you can use the Pay By Phone help centre on their website.