Local authority highway searches and publicly maintained roads

Local authority highway searches, CON29 and local land charges, fees and charges, publicly maintained roads in Cumbria.


A local authority highways search looks at whether a road is 'adopted'. This means whether the road is maintained using public money. 

 The search is made up of:

  • CON29 enquiries
  • a local land charge search 

The search is usually requested by a conveyancing solicitor on your behalf when buying a property.

Apply for a CON29 or a local land charge search

CON29 (R) enquiries

CON29 R are required enquires, usually made when you buy a property. They look at:

  • public roads and footpaths
  • public rights of way
  • land to be acquired for roadworks
  • road schemes and traffic schemes
  • outstanding statutory notices

CON29 (O) enquiries

CON29 O are optional enquiries which aren’t included as standard when you buy a property. They include:

  • road proposals by private bodies
  • flood defence and land drainage consents

Local land charges

Local land charges are restrictions on the use of a property or area of land. This can include:

  • planning conditions
  • highways agreements
  • tree preservation orders
  • conservation areas
  • listed buildings
  • environmental health notices

District and borough councils conduct local land charge searches in Cumbria. 

Commons registration service
The register of common land and town and village greens in Cumbria.

Countryside access 
Public rights of way information across Cumbria. 

Register of deposits and declarations lodged under Section 31(6) of the Highways Act