Key roads in Westmorland and Furness - the resilient road network

Key roads in Westmorland and Furness that are maintained during extreme weather, including periods of flooding, extreme heat, cold, snow and ice.

There have been several extreme weather events that have badly affected the UK transport network over the past decade. Many lessons have been learnt, including for us to maintain a core network of roads that we will aim to keep continuously open in extreme weather.

Extreme weather is defined as:

  • high winds
  • heatwaves
  • flooding 
  • extreme cold 
  • snow and ice 

National Highways 

National Highways look after major roads in Westmorland and furness.

Resilient road network map

Our resilient road network:

  • ensures continuity with the resilient road networks of neighbouring councils 
  • has links to motorways and major roads that are the responsibility of National Highways