Report street or road damage

Report online or call us if you find a problem with road damage, such as potholes, trees or vegetation, debris, road signs or structural damage.

Report a problem online

You can also report a problem by phone.

Telephone: 0300 373 3306

Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm

Problems you can report to us

You can report a problem with:

  • a road - for example, potholes
  • lighting
  • flooding or drainage problem
  • a pavement
  • a cycleway
  • trees or vegetation - for example: overgrown trees, weeds and hedges
  • debris or an obstruction
  • road signs or road markings
  • traffic signals
  • a road caused by winter weather
  • roadside barrier wall or fence
  • structure (for example a bridge)

There's a different process to report street cleaning issues - for example, fly-tipping, dead animals on road verges and littering. Report a street cleaning issue

Deep potholes

Deep potholes require an urgent response, as they are a potential danger. We aim to have deep potholes repaired or made safe within one working day, or five working days on minor rural roads.

Clearing blocked gullies

We follow a risk based approach to maintaining gullies. Higher risk areas and areas prone to flooding are cleared more regularly. In lower risk areas the frequency of clearing may be reduced.

Sometimes road gullies become blocked with fallen leaves. If it is safe to do so, you could try to clear the leaves away to ease the flooding.

Other problems you can report

You may have to contact another organisation if it is not our responsibility.

Roadside ditches and private sewers or drains

Mainly the responsibility of private landowners on each side of the ditch. However we are responsible for ditches that we created for the purpose of draining the highway.

Public sewers

Including drains leading to public sewers in urban areas, burst water mains.


Car parks and amenity areas

Contact your town and former district councils.