Apply for a dropped kerb - step by step

How to apply for a dropped kerb permit, including how to find a contractor, planning permission and the application fee.

A dropped kerb allows vehicles to enter a driveway or parking area. A dropped kerb is sometimes known as a vehicle crossover or vehicle access.

To apply for a permit to drop the kerb outside a property to give you vehicle access, you must:

  • check if you need planning permission
  • find a contractor who can do the work
  • complete an application form
  • pay an application fee

You legally need permission from us before you can start any work. It is an offence to dig up the road unless we have issued you a permit.

  1. Find out if you need planning permission

    Find out whether you will also need planning permission.

  2. Find a contractor

    How to find a contractor, with details of authorised companies in Westmorland and Furness. 

  3. Submit an application form

    Download an application form and find out what information you need to provide, including the application fee.

  4. After you apply

    What happens after you submit your application, including paying your fee and your contractor start and end dates.