Dangerous structures

How to identify and report a dangerous, derelict or unsafe structure.

What a dangerous structure is

The term 'dangerous structure' covers buildings or parts of buildings.

This includes any built structure that because of its condition could endanger the public.

Buildings which are structurally safe, but are run down, should be reported to our environmental health team.

Report a dangerous structure

To report a dangerous structure please contact Building Control.

Where we investigate a dangerous structure and agree that action is required, we will either:

  • try to contact the owner, if they are not available then we will employ a contractor to make it safe immediately
  • ask that the work is carried out to make it safe in a reasonable period of time

If the owner does not make a structure safe, we can apply to the magistrates' court for an order allowing us to complete the work to make the structure safe.

Cost recovery

We will recover expenses from the owner.