Submit a site for Biodiversity Net Gain or Habitat Site Restoration

Opportunities for landowners to generate additional income from their land whilst contributing to nature recovery.

Submit an expression of interest

The call for sites for Biodiversity Net Gain and Habitat Site Restoration will be held between Tuesday 5 September and 30 November.

How to submit interest

If you own, or have interest in land, you can put sites forward for consideration for biodiversity net gain and habitat site restoration.

Submitting an expression of interest (EOI) only indicates your interest at this stage and does not commit you to take any further action or bind you into any legal agreement with the Authority or their partners.

When submitting an EOI, you will firstly fill in a consent form stating that we can share the data with the relevant council, and then that council may retain that data and contact you regarding it.

Complete an expression of interest form

Complete a separate form for each site you’d like to submit.

How your data is stored

Your personal data will be held in our Arc GIS European database until the relevant geographical data is released to each council once the process has completed.

If you want a hard copy of the form

If you need a hard copy of the form sending to you by post, then contact us.

Nature Recovery

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