Drinking water safety plan

How to make a drinking water safety plan.

All commercial supplies need a Drinking Water Safety Plan (DWSP) and we recommended them for non-commercial supplies.

A DWSP is essential so that, if something goes wrong with your supply or water quality, everyone on the supply knows what needs to be done. It helps show who is responsible and helps to ensure maintenance is carried out.

To write your plan use our Private Water Supply Drinking Water Safety Plan template (DOC, 159KB)

If you have any questions about creating your plan, please feel free to contact us. You can also find advice on DWSPs from The World Health Organisation.

A DWSP looks at each part of the water supply and outlines:

  • a layout of the supply and what properties it supplies
  • explains each part of the supply for example source, storage tanks, treatment system
    • is it fit for purpose?
    • can it cope in normal circumstances?
    • can it cope in an emergency?
    • what maintenance is needed?
    • who maintains it and are they sufficiently trained?
    • who checks work is completed?
    • what to do if the system breaks down?
    • can it be vandalised or terrorised?
  • in an emergency, what is the alternative source of water?