If your private water supply runs out

What to do if your private water supply is getting low, tips on how to use less water in dry spells and how to get an emergency water supply.

Your private water supply should provide enough water for domestic purposes at all times, even in dry spells.

  • in a dry spell of weather there are things you can do to use less water, take shorter showers, don't use the bath
  • don't leave taps running during cooking or cleaning
  • use other sources of water, like rainwater, for flushing toilets

If your water supply begins to run out you can be prepared:

  • take a look at your Drinking Water Safety Plan. It will have information on what to do
  • keep an emergency supply of bottled water
  • ask your neighbours for help

For larger private water supplies, you'll need to plan to get water in a mobile water tank from an emergency water supplier.

If you run a business, or are a landlord that relies on a private water supply, you need to think about how a lack of water will affect your trade and your customers or tenants and have an emergency plan in place.

Emergency supply

If your water supply runs dry you can contact the Private Water Team. We can ask United Utilities to deliver up to 30 litres of bottled water per person free of charge to help until you can make other plans. Please contact the Private Water Team at:

Alternatively, please call the contact centre on 0300 373 3300 (this number will also be available outside our normal working hours).

If you get water from a supplier for people to drink you should ask suppliers to confirm they comply with BS 8551:2015 (Provision & Management of Temporary Water Supplies and Distribution Networks Code of Practice). We can help you with a list of contacts.

Some local agricultural contractors may be able to help with emergency supplies but may not comply with BS 8551. You should not use this water for human consumption but it may be used for some domestic purposes like flushing toilets.

Emergency water suppliers known to work in this area

Greens Environmental
0800 458 8281

0800 144 8215

Swale Valley Spring
01748 823106
07736 820283

Tardis H2O
0800 731 0589

Water Direct
0345 345 1725

01276 858 869