Resettlement in Westmorland and Furness

We have been welcoming refugees since 2017, responding with a collective Westmorland and Furness wide multi-agency approach.

How we work with refugees

We support refugees by completing an Early Help assessment, this allows us to meet the families’ emerging needs. Successful integration supports families to reach their full potential, it allows them to access universal services, providing links into employment.

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Resettlement Team

Schemes that operate in Westmorland and Furness

We receive and support refugees from a number of different programmes and schemes.

UK Resettlement Scheme (UKRS)

The new UKRS scheme is the government’s ongoing commitment to refugee resettlement in the UK. Through this scheme local authority support is available for refugees for up to 5 years.

Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children (UASC)

Through this scheme children and young people who are separated from their parents can receive care from us until they reach 18 years of age.

Unaccompanied Minors (UAM)

This scheme allows children who have already applied for a Homes for Ukraine Scheme visa to travel to the UK without a parent or legal guardian, subject to strict sponsor checks.

As part of robust safeguarding regime applicants must also have notarised parental consent, the sponsor should be personally known to the parents, except in exceptional circumstances. These children will enter the ‘private fostering’ route to allow a robust assessment to be completed by a social worker.

Afghan Relocation and Assistance Policy (ARAP)

Through this scheme we support the resettlement of local employed staff who have worked alongside British Forces or the government. Support is available for up to 3 years. Refugees from these schemes have indefinite leave to remain.

Afghan Civilian Resettlement Schemes (ACRS)

This scheme has three pathways:

  • vulnerable and at-risk individuals who arrived in the UK under the evacuation of Afghanistan in late summer 2021
  • referrals from the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR)
  • individuals at risk who supported the UK and the International effort in Afghanistan, this route particularly offer assistance to women and girls at risk, it also includes minority groups

Community Sponsorship Scheme (CSS)

This scheme helps community groups, including charities, faith groups, churches and businesses to take on the role of supporting resettled refugees in the UK.

Asylum Dispersal and Asylum Contingency

Asylum Dispersal and Contingency Accommodation in Westmorland and Furness is managed by Serco on behalf of the Home Office. Serco provides asylum accommodation and support services. 

For more information read Serco’s website

If you are a person seeking asylum and need support

Migrant Help supports asylum seekers and provides independent advice and guidance to assist asylum seekers in the UK moving through the asylum process.  You can contact them through their website.

You can also contact a free Asylum Helpline.

Asylum Helpline
Telephone: 0808 8010 503 - open 24 hours per day

Homes for Ukraine (HFU)

The Homes for Ukraine Scheme was launched by the government on 14 March 2022 following the invasion of Ukraine. This scheme allows people living in the UK to sponsor a Ukrainian National to offer them support and to provide suitable accommodation. There is no upper limit to how many people can come to the UK. 

We carry out:

  • housing inspections
  • suitability checks
  • DBS checks
  • social care checks

Support is varied and based on need. Schools will open Early Help for all Ukrainian children and their families. We will also support re-matching and will provide assistance and advice as required.

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Homes for Ukraine