Request a garden waste collection in the Eden area

How to request a garden waste collection, how to buy extra bins and updates to collections.


Request a garden waste collection online

We will consider your request if:

  • you live in a new property in an area of Eden that receives a garden waste collection
  • all the properties in your area receive a garden waste collection

Place no more than three garden waste bins on the kerb or collection point by 7am on collection days.

We will only collect up to a maximum of 5 bags of side waste. 

Preparing your garden waste for collection

All garden waste should be contained within the bin provided. The bin lids must be fully closed. We reserve the right not to empty a bin if it is severely overloaded as this may cause damage to the bins and our vehicles whilst the bin is being emptied. 

Garden waste that has been compacted inside the bin or is too heavy cannot be collected. We will only empty green garden waste bins issued by us. In addition, any waste placed at the side of the bin or on top of the bin will not be collected unless otherwise agreed. 

If there is evidence of misuse of the service or the garden waste bin by residents, we reserve the right to cancel the service. The garden waste bin must only be used to collect garden waste from your property. 

In winter, low temperatures may cause garden waste to freeze inside the bin. If this happens, we may not be able to collect your garden waste.

Update for garden waste collections in High Carleton

 Revised collection points for recycling and garden waste at High Carelton, Penrith:

  • Crocus Avenue - Kerbside collections to be undertaken as far as the junction with Camellia Close. Collection Point is at the junction with Camellia Close
  • Tulip Gardens - Kerbside collections for all properties
  • Primrose Drive - Kerbside collections up to the second junction with Tulip Gardens. Collection point is at the second junction with Tulip Gardens.

Buy an extra garden waste bin

The first green wheelie bin is free; you can buy up to two more bins for £51.00 each.

We will empty a maximum of three garden waste bins in a collection.

Buy an extra garden waste bin online

Village garden waste skips

The village garden waste skip scheme provides skips for villages in Eden to dispose of household garden waste.

Find out more about the scheme

If you need help putting your waste out

You can request for an assisted collection.