Report and prevent littering

Report littering or a full litter bin in your area and help organise litter picking.

Report littering

Report the littering in the area you found it:

Report a problem with a litter bin

If you see any damage to litter bins, or bins that are full and require emptying you can report to us:

Using litter bins

There are many litter bins across Westmorland and Furness. The majority of these bins have been sited in places where there are likely to be a significant amount of people, for instance in the Town Centre, in other shopping areas and close to beaches.

We manage the emptying of litter bins depending on the level of use. Litter bins are generally emptied during the earlier part of the day. In busier locations they are emptied throughout daylight hours.

Find your nearest bin in:

Dog waste

All bins are dual purpose, meaning that bagged dog poo can be placed in them.

Report dog fouling

Find out how we are tackling dog fouling.

Organise litter picking in your area

You could organise a litter pick in your area if you have concerns about litter in your neighbourhood, we can help you organise one.