Your responsibilities as a business

You must take all reasonable steps to take care of and dispose of your trade waste.

Every establishment that produces waste has a responsibility to manage it properly - this includes self-catering accommodation and holiday lets. It is a criminal offence not to.

This includes:

  • fly tipping
  • using a waste carrier that isn't licensed 
  • failing to contain your waste to prevent it escaping

Find out the different ways you can dispose of your trade waste

Check if you need to get an environmental permit

If your trade waste may harm the environment, you should check if you need an environmental permit before disposing of it.

Check if you need an environmental permit on the GOV.UK website

Recording the collection of your trade waste

You must keep a record to prove you arranged for a licensed waste carrier to collect your waste. If not you could be prosecuted or given a fixed penalty notice.

You must complete a waste transfer note, which will be provided by your carrier, when your waste is transferred for collection and keep this for at least two years.

Report a commercial property using domestic bins (South Lakeland area only)

Report a commercial property using domestic bins