Short stay disc parking

How it works

The disc parking scheme allows time-restricted free parking close to shops and local facilities by displaying a parking (clock) disc where your vehicle is parked. A disc zone is marked by signs and road markings.

You will need to clearly display the time of your arrival on your vehicle’s dashboard.

After your parking time has expired, your will need to move your vehicle out of the zone for at least the time specified on the advertised time limits on the sign near the disc parking zone.

Blue Badge holders

If you're a blue badge holder you can park without time restriction in certain on street areas such as disc zones, resident permit or limited waiting areas. You can refer to the Blue Badge Booklet or contact the Parking team to find out where.

When you park, always check the parking signs, as there are time limits in some on-street parking areas. In these parking areas you must also display a clock disc set at the time of arrival in conjunction with the Blue Badge.

Blue badge holders may also park on single or double yellow lines for up to 3 hours. Except where there is a ban on loading and unloading, or where emergency services need access.

Read more about how to apply and who is eligible for a Blue Badge.