Why we collect personal data

The council collects personal, special category personal or criminal/law enforcement data to enable it to:

  • manage the services we provide to you including improving quality and investigating any worries or complaints about those services
  • corporate administration and all activities we are required to carry out as a data controller and public authority
  • conduct committee meetings including virtual meetings
  • registering and maintaining online customer accounts
  • support internal financial and corporate functions by maintaining accounts and records
  • support and manage employees
  • planning of new services
  • promote services
  • market local tourism
  • conduct public/health awareness campaigns
  • manage property
  • provide leisure and cultural services
  • provide education services
  • carry out surveys and consultations
  • administer the assessment and collection of taxes and other revenue i.e., benefits, grants
  • carry out licensing and regulatory activities
  • provide social services to adults and children
  • assist with crime prevention and prosecution of offenders i.e., CCTV
  • undertake research
  • provide all commercial services i.e., administration and enforcement of parking regulations and restrictions
  • provide non-commercial activities i.e., refuse collections from residential properties
  • manage archived records for historical research
  • match data under local and national fraud initiatives
  • support public health services

Who we collect personal data from

To provide services the council may need to collect personal, special category personal or criminal/law enforcement data from or about the following:

  • businesses, customers and suppliers
  • carers or representatives
  • claimants
  • complainants, enquirers or their representatives
  • healthcare users
  • landlords
  • licence and permit holders
  • offenders and suspected offenders
  • patients
  • people captured by CCTV images
  • professional advisers and consultants
  • recipients of benefits
  • representatives of other organisations
  • staff, persons contracted to provide a service
  • councillors
  • students and pupils
  • traders and others subject to inspection
  • witnesses
  • speaking members of public at committee meetings, including virtual committee meetings 
  • other departments within the council

We may receive personal, special category personal or criminal/law enforcement data about you from the third parties mentioned above and other public bodies and organisations.  In this case, we will tell you the source of the information unless we are unable to do so by law.