Holiday activities and food (HAF) programme

If your child has free school meals you can find and book free childrens' activities and events in the school holidays.

The Holiday Activity and Food (HAF) programme provides free, fun activities during the Easter, summer and winter holidays funded by the Department for Education.

Children of families supported by benefits-related free school meals and other children in particular circumstances can access up to four days of funded activities during Easter and winter holidays and sixteen days during the summer holidays. To discuss eligibility please contact the HAF Team. The activities will help to:

  • increase self-esteem
  • improve wellbeing
  • provide information and advice on healthy eating and nutrition

Most importantly, we want your children to have some fun.

Some activity providers also have spaces available for any child, but there may be a cost to parents.

The Summer HAF Programme will launch in early June 2024 where you'll be able to search for events near you.

About HAF events

We have a variety of events, they all include an activity and a nutritious meal.

Clubs and activities are run by established community groups, creative arts, sports, leisure, and youth organisations.

We have a range of providers who can offer activities for young people with additional needs. You can discuss your child's needs with the provider.

If you'd like more information please get in touch.