The Shadow Authority has no responsibility for service delivery. The new unitary council will be available from 01 April 2022. You can find information about all council services like, bins and recycling, Council Tax, Planning, Highways and Education from the existing district and county council websites.

Our council plan, including the challenges we face, our key priorities, and how we aim to achieve them.

Find your Shadow Authority councillor, contact details and the political make-up of Westmorland and Furness Shadow Authority.

Find dates, agendas and reports for meetings of the Westmorland and Furness Shadow Authority.

Meeting dates, agendas and documents for the Council, Cabinet, committees and sub committees of the Shadow Authority.

A list of the key decisions that will be made by the Shadow Authority councillors over the next one to four months.

Search for committee documents; Agendas, reports and minutes from previous committee meetings.

All members of the council must complete a 'register of interests form' to register their financial and other interests.

Our constitution sets out how the Shadow Authority operates, how decisions are made and the procedures to be followed.