Buying and selling properties with a private water supply

What you need to do to show your private water supply is safe if you are buying, selling or renting a property.

A large number of properties in the area don't have a mains water supply. If you are buying or selling a property that has a private water supply there are steps you will need to take to make sure, or show, the supply is safe.

Selling a property with a private water supply

If you're selling a property with a private water supply, you may need to get a report to prove that the supply is safe. This can be done by us or a private water supply contractor.

If you just need your water to be tested we can do this for you. Please be aware it may take up to six weeks to get the results. Charges for testing and analysing your water.

Buying or renting a property with a private water supply

We keep a register of all properties with private water supplies within our area.

If you are buying a property in the area you can check with the vendor if the property has:

  • a private water supply that is registered with us
  • had a formal risk assessment by the local authority
  • had testing performed recently (you can ask the owner or landlord for the most recent test results to find out if the water is safe to use and consume before you move in)
  • any outstanding actions that are legally required to be taken to bring the water up to regulatory standard

If you're renting a property which has a private water supply, your landlord has a duty to provide water that is safe to use.