Applicable amounts

The applicable amount is the amount of money the government believes you, your partner (if you have one) and your family (if applicable) need to meet your necessary weekly costs.

Amenity charges

We have to make an deduction on your rent if your rent includes payment for:

  • meals
  • fuel
  • water charges

If you receive Local Housing Allowance, these charges do not apply.


Number of meals provided Adult Child (under 16)
Full board (at least three meals per day) £35.35 £17.95
Breakfast only £4.30 £4.30
Part board £23.60 £11.80

Fuel charges deductions for more than one room

Fuel type Per week
Heating £35.25
Hot water £4.10
Lighting £2.85
Cooking £4.10
All fuel £46.30

Fuel charges deductions for one room

Fuel type Per week
Heating and any hot water and/or lighting £21.10
Cooking £4.10

Water charges

The Rent Officer usually works out what amount to deduct for water charges.