Apply for Discretionary Housing Payments

Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP) are extra payments which help you pay your rent if you’re already receiving Housing Benefit or housing cost payments from Universal Credit.

When you can apply for Discretionary Housing Payments

You can apply for Discretionary Housing Payments if you receive Housing Benefit or the housing element of Universal Credit and need help to:

  • meet the shortfall between the Housing Benefit or Universal Credit paid and the eligible rent
  • cover the costs of moving house (which includes rent deposit, rent in advance and moving costs)
  • cover rent arrears that are putting your tenancy at risk

We cannot award Discretionary Housing Payments if:

  • you are already getting all your eligible rent paid by benefit
  • if the only shortfall is due to a previous overpayment
  • you want help to pay certain items that may be included in the rent that are not normally covered by Housing Benefit or Universal Credit Housing Costs, such as water rates, heating, lighting

Apply for Discretionary Housing Payments

If you are applying for help with moving costs

We will also take into account whether you are currently in a property where you cannot afford the shortfall and check that the property you are moving to is affordable and sustainable.


You could be prosecuted if you falsely declare your income or circumstances, or you do not tell us about a change in income or circumstances.