Types of rubbish and recycling bins

Types of household and communal bins, bags and boxes in the Barrow, Eden and South Lakeland area and what to put in them.

Garden waste bins

What you can put in your green waste bin:

  • grass clippings
  • plants
  • flowers
  • leaves
  • hedge cuttings
  • twigs
  • small branches - up to finger width
  • real small Christmas trees
  • weeds 
  • dead plants and flowers
  • twigs and tree prunings
  • shrub prunings

We cannot collect:

  • kitchen and food waste like peelings, egg shells or used tea bags can't go in your green bin but can be composted
  • branches more than finger width
  • soil and stones
  • treated wood
  • large Christmas trees
  • trade waste for recycling or disposal
  • pet bedding
  • paper or cardboard

There's a different process for trade waste recycling.

Soil and compost

Do not put soil, compost, grass sods or turf into garden waste bins. We will not empty waste bins that contain these items.

Composting at home is the simple way to help nature restore your garden's health and vitality, find out more on the Recycle for Cumbria website.

Types of bins and bags in each area

Green wheelie bins are used in each area.

Each household in the South Lakeland area will have a green bin for garden waste.

If you live in the Barrow or Eden area, you will need to arrange for a garden waste collection.

If you need a replacement bin

You can order a new bin online in the area you live in: