Westmorland and Furness Registration Service - Customer Service Strategy

Westmorland and Furness Registration Service's strategy to provide customers with high quality registration services.

Complaint handling/client feedback

We will at all times follow the Westmorland and Furness Council corporate complaint handling policy.

We will formally record all complaints accurately on our complaint handling template which will be copied to the service manager and also the corporate complaints team.  

We will ensure a file is set up for each individual complaint with all correspondence retained together with any investigations, findings and responses for audit purposes.

We will share remedial action and good practice with all staff after each upheld complaint to avoid repetition.

We will issue a customer feedback card to each client at the end of their appointment and ask for this to be completed prior to leaving the office.  These will be collated and sent to the management team on a monthly basis for recording and analysis.

We will review feedback received on our website via Govmetric which establishes if someone is having difficulty navigating our system.

We will review any trends or information at our monthly managers meeting and give consideration to what our clients are telling us from complaints, comment cards and from our own working knowledge.

We will cascade trends and information and discuss with the wider team at our bi-monthly staff meetings.