Westmorland and Furness Registration Service - Customer Service Strategy

Westmorland and Furness Registration Service's strategy to provide customers with high quality registration services.

Working with our local communities

We will hold seminars on an annual basis for our Approved Venues so we may discuss how we can best work together to provide the best customer experience possible which will in turn support our local communities and economy.

We will look at improvements to our services or to introduce new services to our offering in order to meet client needs and to support the generation of further business within Westmorland and Furness.

We will meet with HM Coroners on an annual basis to ensure we are resilient and as efficient as possible on behalf of our clients

We will deliver training to our local hospitals on an annual basis to ensure the process of registering a death is as seamless and stress free as possible.

We will review our Service Plan on an annual basis for each new financial year which will inform our Customer Service Strategy and our Project Delivery Plan for the year ahead.