Winter road maintenance and gritting

How we maintain Westmorland and Furness's street and roads during the winter months, including gritting and salting routes and salt bin locations.

Salting, grit heaps and salt bins

We receive regular detailed weather forecasts predicting conditions on roads in Westmorland and Furness. We send out gritters to spread salt on the roads whenever ice or snow is forecast.

To prevent ice forming on our priority roads we spread 6mm crushed rock salt.

You can see our full priority gritting route on our gritting map.

Grit heaps and salt bins

Go to our map of salt bin locations 

We provide salt heaps and grit bins for people to use in snowy and icy weather, as the majority of the roads in the county are not routinely treated.

Grit heaps and salt bins are usually in rural areas, on bends and steep gradients and in villages (often near the school) where they are most needed. If you are aware that the salt or grit has been used up, you can report it online.

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