Winter road maintenance and gritting

How we maintain Westmorland and Furness's street and roads during the winter months, including gritting and salting routes and salt bin locations.


We look after most of the roads in Westmorland and Furness. In the colder months of the year, between October and April, our winter road maintenance plan is in action across Westmorland and Furness. 

If the weather forecast shows that cold, icy and snowy weather is due, we will send our gritters out to spread salt on our network of priority 1 and priority 2 routes

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View our our daily gritting map

Weather cameras

Westmorland and Furness has a number of weather stations dotted around the county. As part of these sites, a large number have live feed CCTV.

View live weather road conditions across Westmorland and Furness on our weather cameras. 

National Highways 

National Highways look after and grit major roads in Westmorland and Furness.

Key roads in Westmorland and Furness - the resilient road network

Find out which roads are maintained during periods of extreme weather in our resilient road network map.

Severe weather advice

Find out more about severe weather advice.